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About the Authors

Ron O'Kane is a sixth generation grandson of John O'Kane. Donna (Heaslet) O'Kane is a 6th generation granddaughter of William Heaslet. They live in Centennial, Colorado and enjoy living close to their sons, David and Donald. David is a career agent and top performer at The Prudential. He and his wife, Denise, have a son, Nicholas, who graduated from Colorado State University with a mechanical engineering degree. Don and his wife Janice are busy establishing their careers -- both in the Denver area. This picture was admittedly taken early in the 1980's.

A Tribute to Pops

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The family from left to right-- Janice, Don, Donna, Ron, Nicholas, Denise, and Dave.

Don is a budding web designer. He has recently put a web site on line offering information on one of their favorite subjects -- Siberian Huskies. He and Janice have two. Click on the picture to link to his site. (Use your browser's "back" button to return)

Nicholas, the favorite (only) grandson said he'd like to be on the web. So, here he is. (Click on the picture for additional info on Nicholas.)

Ron recently retired from the neatest job in the world on October 31, 1999. He managed the data processing function at a local manufacturing firm called Perky-Pet Products Co. which manufactures bird feeders and accessories. He also shared many different operational responsibilities. Ron says you should never do anything twice at Perky-Pet unless you liked doing it. The job belonged to you after your second time. Donna began a medical administration career when their oldest son was two years old -- 41 years ago. She is in the process of accomplishing the final billing of the practice and retiring too. We all doubt that will ever be the case. We'll see.

Click on the hummingbird feeder to visit Perky-Pet's site! Use your browser's "back" button to return to this site.

Years ago, in conversations with my father about his navy experience, he mentioned an O'Kane who had really done himself proud in the navy. He thought we might be related, but had no evidence to support that assumption. It turns out that O'Kane was Rear Admiral Richard H. O'Kane. He served with distinction and there is now a brand new destroyer named in his honor. We would welcome finding we are related. Whether or not we are related, we are proud of the honor he brought to our name.

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